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Saturday, 2 April 2011

Haii, maths post =]

Ever wondered how to Find the value of X ? when you have a X squared equation?
Well your in luck, i know the answer :P
There is several ways.
I'm going to tell you the method that works without fail..
There is a formula which consists of..
-b +- Squareroot b^2 - 4ac
Divided by 2a
Okay so what are these letters? If the equation is as follows
X^2 + 3x + 2
A = 1 B = 3 C = 2
There is 1 x^2 -- 3 X's -- 2 is the value of the number at the end (the Y intercept)
Plug these into the formula and you should get x = -1 or -2
There is a much faster method but this can be alot more difficult than the formula above
It is called factorising, Simply place the Equation above into 2 different brackets
This is done by having 2 sets of brackets like (x+1)(x+2)=0
that is the factorisation of the equation
Now since the whole thing has to = 0 then X+1 has to equal =, therefore x is -1 and there is the second bracket (it could be the first bracket it makes no difference) (x+2) same thing again, now what is x? X = -2 :)
But how do u factorise? well if you look at the brackets i have made, and expand them yourself you will see that x times x makes the amount of x squareds x times 1 + x times 2 = 3x and 2 x 1 = 2
you just have to figure that out yourself for each equation
An easy way of doing so is start with how many x^2 do i have? in this case 1 so there is going to be 1 x in each bracket, now you need to know the y intercept which is 2 in this case... what times to make 2? 1 and 2 so there the values you place in, these have to also add up the the middle value (the b value)


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